About Us

Alexandria Physiotherapy & Sports Injury is leading physiotherapy practice in the heart of Alexandria. Our aim is to improve the health and well-being of our local community by providing best practice and elite level physiotherapy and massage services.

The clinic was established by the team of physiotherapists who have been leading the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the NRL for the past 15 years – Eddie Farah and Steve Velovski. They established their first practice in Redfern in 2016 and its success and rapid growth can be attributed to their unique approach, dedication to their clients and genuine care for their community.

They have decided to take their best practice knowledge and skills to the wider community by setting up a brand new clinic in Alexandria.

Both Eddie and Steve have played a huge part in the turnaround and success of the Rabbitohs, which culminated in the 2014 grand final victory. After joining the team’s medical staff in 2007, they were involved in the huge advancement towards the elite training and rehabilitation services now available at the club.

The demands and pressure of professional sport continue to grow at a rapid pace. Sports medicine providers in this environment need to be at the cutting edge of sports science and rehabilitation. Working in this pressure-filled environment has driven them to be at the forefront of their profession.

As well as advanced skills and knowledge in sports injuries, our services also cater to a wide range of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic complaints and to people of all ages. Our treatment is evidence based with a hand-on approach and a strong focus on patient education and exercise rehabilitation.

Our clinic is equipped with a fully functional gym which will allow us to rehabilitate your injury through individualized, targeted and progressive exercise programs. Beyond this we strive to build ongoing relationships with our patients and educate them on long term management plans to improve their health and prevent any recurrence of their symptoms. We want you to feel better and stay better!

This ability to assist people with their injuries and follow them on their rehabilitation journey is what makes Alexandria Physiotherapy unique.So many people suffer from chronic or recurrent pain. Alexandria Physiotherapy doesn’t just treat the pain – they educate and empower you: long-term success is about a collaborative approach and continual management. The focus is fully on getting people back to what they love most – whether it be running, swimming, netball, tennis, playing with the kids, yoga or even their daily work and life demands.